about us

Clover Equine is the ideal place to board your horses with top of the line stalls, large individual pens and even more room to roam during the day. My boarding facility is located on 5 acres and within riding distance of the beautiful Sonoran Desert Preserve. My name is Garrett Murphy and I am owner of Clover Equine, as well as, Clover Canine Training and Boarding. I can honestly say I love what I do, I have been around horses since I was a child and understand how they truly are family members and how important it is to trust the facility you choose to board them in.

Clover Equine is located on my property in Desert Hills, so you can rest assured knowing that either I or one of my team will be available for your horse at any time of day including Terry who has over 50 years of experience. I have a list of close equine veterinarians if need be and also hold vaccination clinics on the property. Storage of trailers can be arranged as well. I am really proud of where I live, the Sonoran Desert Preserve has an abundance of trails full of beauty and adventure for you and your horse.